Through an arrangement with your school, we will be auditioning performers to appear on a future taping of the show. We have developed this page to answer most of your questions and to allow you to submit a request for an audition.

Current Audition Dates & Times:

Kings Park
Oct 14, 2010
Cablevision, Hauppauge
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East Hampton
LTV Studio, East Hampton
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Tell me more about the show


Talent Showcase is a locally produced Public Access Cable TV show. It highlights local talent and gives them a chance to perform on TV. It is broadcast throughout Long Island on Cablevision, channel 20. It is also broadcast on FIOS, channel 37, in the Great Neck area. We are looking for singers, musicians (not bands), dancers, magicians, comedians and other acts.


There is no judging on the show. Acts get to perform and are interviewed by the show's host, so others can learn more about them and their ambitions.


You can see past episodes here.


What is the audition process?


Performers must fill out a Registration Form online. You will get a call if your submission is accepted and picked to audition. You will be given an audition date, time and location. You will be given five minutes to perform your act in front a a few talent coordinators and reviewed. All auditions are taped for further review later and become property of the producer. Bring any instrument or background karaoke CD for music. Do not bring a standard CD with the vocals on it if you are singing.


A parent or guardian must accompany performers under 18.

No walk up auditions. Only scheduled auditions will be permitted.


How are Performers Selected?


Performers are selected based upon the talent pool available from your school that auditions, your registration form and bio, and how well the act will fit into the style and timing of the show. There are only a very limited number of openings per school (typically 3 to 4), so only a select few will be chosen. However, you may still be chosen to appear on a future, non-school-based, episode of the show. Those that audition will be informed by email of the results of the audition in 2-3 weeks. Additionally, those that are picked to be on the show will be called to discuss the details of their appearance.


Please do not contact your school for details, as they will just refer you to this website.


Does it cost anything to audition or appear on the show?




Where are auditions held?


Auditions are not held at your school. They will be held at a local studio, typically in Hauppauge for Central/Western Suffolk & Nassau or East Hampton for Eastern Suffolk.


Directions to the studios are on the website and you will be informed of which site upon acceptance of your registration.


What if I can't make the auditions?


You will need to fill in the registration form and send in a DVD of your performance. Follow these instructions.


Who do I contact if I have additional questions


Click on our Contact Us page to call or email us.


Are there opportunities to be a sponsor of the show?


Yes. Sponsors get to have their name or company listed in the credits of the show, in our monthly newsletter and on our website. Call us at (631) 269-8181 for more information.






Please do not contact your school for details, as they will just refer you to this website.













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